New Credit Checker report for free

Recently, Credit Checker introduced a new look when generating a Credit Checker report, just like the website was rebuilt and at first glance, there is no free report option. However, after a while, you can easily find such an option and it looks like it is especially hidden so that interested parties buy paid access.

Let’s start from the beginning, i.e. from the Credit Checker website, where, as in the previous entry, we will show a number of options to choose from. Select “login” on the right and then “New Credit Checker account” as in the picture.

Then we will come to the login field where we provide the data


In accordance with the previous application, i.e. the @mail address, password and pesel number of the person concerned. If we do not have an account, we can create one.

Where we will be able to buy a package of reports or other combinations from the offer. Many options have appeared, so in time I’ll try to describe them all. Earlier, however, the site will ask us if we want to enter the department for a private person or for companies. From the window as below, we choose on the left unless we are interested in a report for companies.

  • Report about me or a contractor report – It is a complete report with a point assessment and a history of payments and payments of installments.
  • Indicators about me or the contractor – confirmation will be sent automatically if there are any problems and delays in payment of installments.
  • Credit Checker alert and Credit Checker alert about the contractor – SMS notifications about an attempt to send a loan application. This is a very good way to protect yourself against credit scams because the service works 24/7.
  • Reservations, i.e. here we can block your ID card in the event of loss or theft.

To download the free Credit Checker Report in accordance with the Statutory Information, simply go to the My Account link on the right and then select “Statutory Information”. You will be able to generate a free report and save it to a PDF file. The report is digitally signed so we can safely be sure of its authenticity.

Such a document is for us to be generated once every 6 months for free


Unfortunately, it does not contain scores from 0-100 points, however, with a good history, this is not required. When you try to generate the expected time is up to 30 days and from what I heard it usually takes 3 weeks.

If we care about time, we will be forced to go to Warsaw where we will get such a report immediately or we will have to pay. The choice is ours.

In the next post, I will try to discuss the most important changes in the new report because it differs from the previous one not only in appearance.

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